UFC fighter makes UNBELIEVABLE comeback to beat rival

21:00 | 17.12.2015
Unbelievable footage shows the moment Cheick Kongo takes what looks like a finishing blow in a matchup against Pat Barry.

And as Kongo goes to ground, his opponent spots his chance and rains down a series of devastating hits on his head.

The commentators call time on the fight, saying "it's over" as the downed man struggles to find his feet.

"It looked like he was out" says one as Kongo finally gets up, but then the French-born fighter gets knocked down again by ANOTHER crushing blow.

Once more the commentary team declare the fight over, but again the brawler gets up in what's described as an "incredible" recovery.

Then out of nowhere, the visibly-dazed man gets two quick hits in on Barry, knocking him out cold.

"It looked like Cheick Kongo was unconscious, Pat Barry ran in recklessly, got caught and got put to sleep," says one commentator.

The other adds: "That was the most amazing comeback I have ever seen."

Filmed during the fight in 2011, the video of the matchup has made a recent comeback on social media.

Barry recalled: "The second one where he fell backwards in my head I thought it's going to get stopped, but that didn't cause me to stop trying to get him.

"In all the preparation, all the training and all the fights I've been in before you keep hitting them until the referee steps in."

Previously undefeated fighter Ronda Rousey was at the heart of another upset when she lost a fight and the bantamweight title to Holly Holm last month.


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