Ukrainian military chief's wife poisoned

16:00 | 28.11.2023
Ukrainian military chief's wife poisoned

Ukrainian military chief's wife poisoned

The wife of Ukraine's military intelligence chief is recovering after an attempt to assassinate her, according to reports today.

Reported from foreign media that Marianna Budanova, 30, was 'poisoned with heavy metals' and is hospitalized.

This followed a 'prolonged deterioration of her health', reported Babel news outlet, citing intelligence sources.
She is the wife of Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov, 37. 

"The course of treatment is now being completed, and then there will be a check-up by the doctors," said an intelligence source.

The exact nature of the poisoning was not identified.

"These substances are not used in any way in everyday life or military affairs. Their presence may indicate a purposeful attempt to poison a specific person."

An investigation is being conducted into 'the alleged attempt to kill the wife of the head of the [Ukrainian military intelligence agency'.
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