Wearing face coverings and using COVID passes ending in UK

19:00 | 27.01.2022
There will be no limit on the number of visitors to care homes in England, the government's announced, as further restrictions are set to ease, reported from BBC News. 

This is being brought in from January 31, and the change also sees self-isolation periods cut and care homes only having to follow outbreak management rules for 14 days, not 28. The move means people could see more of their loved ones, says Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

The latest Covid restrictions - wearing face coverings and using Covid passes - are ending in England from January 27. The government says they're no longer legally required because of the vaccine rollout and because we have a better understanding of how to treat the virus. 

But some shops like Sainsbury's are continuing to ask people to wear them. Rail operators are asking the same. Some smaller firms are also doing this, saying they'll keep mask-wearing over safety concerns. They hope customers aren't discouraged by their decision.

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