What happens when Ronaldo goes for a drink in public?

22:00 | 17.03.2016
The footie ace decided to record what happens when he pops out for a brew in Madrid.

Stopping at the Zoco de Pozuelo shopping centre, he ordered a chamomile tea and took a seat.

Once his tea touched down, he started to tally whether he had more sips or selfies during his stay.

He takes his first pic with a fan moments after his drink arrives and another with their friend seconds later.

The next fan promises theirs will be the "last photo" he has to take, and he says: "It won't be the last one, I know".

Before long shopkeepers are abandoning their posts to come and have a photo with Ronaldo – and so are cafe staff.

Some people don't even ask and simply sidle up alongside him and pose for a photo.

"It's a good signal," the Real Madrid star said after. "It's a good signal that people admire my job.

"People like the way I am. It's good. I feel good. It's a good signal that I'm a good player."

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ronaldo - ROC Live Life Loud, a channel created to promote the star's new brand of headphones.


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