Woman has five-inch bamboo stick lodged in her face - PHOTO

10:44 | 17.12.2013
A Chinese woman has had a 4.7 inch bamboo stick stuck in her face for eight months without realising.Doctors were amazed when they did a scan of 61-year-old Fu Jinfeng’s head and found the stick lodged through her cheek and upper jaw.The woman’s family had taken her to the Xiang Ya Hospital in Changsha, Hunan Province in early December because she could not fully open her mouth to eat and an eight-month-old wound had not yet healed.After their incredible discovery, doctors removed the stick from Ms Jinfeng’s face.It is unknown how the woman was impaled with the bamboo back in April this year.Bamboo is used extensively in China and almost every household includes something made out of the wood including beds, chopsticks, chairs and even hats.Many building materials are made out of bamboo while bamboo shoots are eaten or used in medicine. Bamboo leaves can be used as a remedy for fever and its sap is used to alleviate nausea.Bamboo is also important to China because it grows and matures quickly and gives a high yield. It can grow to 65 feet tall in just three months and can be cut in four to six years.A fifth of the world’s bamboo supplies grows in China where there is some 300 varieties found across an area of 20,000 sq km.(dailymail.co.uk)ANN.Az
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