Women's match erupts in violence

20:30 | 10.02.2016
Camera captures the scene as the ball moves up the field, panning across to reveal the rival footballers trading a series of devastating blows.

When possession then changes hands and the ball is cleared, the ref blows his whistle and players pile in as the brawling duo go to ground.

And the violence is so intense that when the pair are eventually pulled off each other they're both red-carded, despite protestations from teammates.

It comes just days after another match erupted into a free-for-all, with footballers from both sides raining punches and kicks down on each other.

The latest fight unfolded between Maude Perchey and Eva Sumo, representing French sides Rouen and Bordeaux respectively, during a clash on Sunday.

Moments before the brawl broke out a messy tackle from a Bordeaux player caused a rival to topple over.

Now Perchey has spoken out about what happened during the game, which would end in a 3-3 draw.


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