"Yerlim+" by Nar is now twice as advantageous for the regions!

19:55 | 22.09.2023

"Yerlim+" by Nar is now twice as advantageous for the regions!

For those who wish to join Nar in the regions of Azerbaijan, the initial subscription fee for the "Yerlim+" plan has now been reduced to just 2 AZN! Customers residing in the regions can connect to the "Yerlim+" plan and talk to the whole country for as low as 5 qepik per minute.

In "Yerlim+", customers are offered a bonus of 100 minutes of countrywide calls, 300 MB of internet data, and free "WhatsApp" messaging. Customers in the regions who acquire the new "Nar" number on the "Yerlim+" plan receive a 50% discount on the first month's subscription fee.

Please note that this plan's standard monthly subscription fee is 4 AZN. The calculation of charges based on minutes is only applied after the bonus minutes of the plan have been used up. For more information about the "Yerlim+" plan, please visit: nar.az/yerlim-plus/

Nar currently provides high-quality communication services to 2.2 million subscribers. Nar has been the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Net Promoter Score for the last 4 years. The mobile operator adheres to a customer-centric strategy and provides best-in-class service at an affordable price.

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