Zakharova comments on upcoming meeting in EU-US-Armenia format

12:28 | 03.04.2024
Zakharova comments on upcoming meeting in EU-US-Armenia format

Zakharova comments on upcoming meeting in EU-US-Armenia format

When organizing meetings with international actors in different formats, official Yerevan should remember where Washington brought its closest allies, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on air of the Zvezda TV channel, commenting on the meeting scheduled for April 5 in the EU-US-Armenia format.

According to her, the "Help and Support for Armenia" conference, scheduled for April 5, is being organized against the backdrop of the presidential elections in the United States.

"We must remember that these meetings are being held against the backdrop of the next election cycle in the United States. Against the background of the complete failure of the international policy of the White House under the leadership of Biden and the liberal Democrats, at least some results are needed. Where are these results? Maybe in the Middle East? And I’ll remind you, in the same way the White House, Washington, Brussels with the European Union, but first of all Washington was responsible for the situation in the region, becoming a curator, becoming more than an ally for one of the parties to this conflict, but also promising other parties to the conflict its honest mediation. This resulted in a tragedy that the world did not know or remember in recent history," Zakharova said.

She recalled that the United States bears responsibility for the situation in the Middle East and it was the White House that destroyed the quartet of international mediators and forced "countries to forget about the international legal framework, Security Council resolutions, and other materials that were developed in the international format for settlement the Middle East situation."

Noting the White House's mediation in this region, Zakharova added that Armenia should remember "where the United States brought its closest allies."
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