Moscow court arrests 3 participants in scuffles between Armenians and Azerbaijanis

08:57 | 27.07.2020
The Kuzminki district court of Moscow on Saturday ordered the detention of three men who are facing hooliganism charges in relation to a conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Moscow.

"In regard to Valiyev, Gamidov and Zakhidov, the court selected a restraining measure in the form of a two-month detention," the court's press service told Interfax.

All three are accused of hooliganism (part two Article 213 of the Criminal Code).

A source told Interfax that the criminal case related to the recent clashes between Armenian and Azerbaijani natives in Moscow of the past few days as military tensions escalated on the border between the two countries. The source did not clarify which incident he was referring to.

More than 25 natives of Armenia and Azerbaijan were detained by police for violent and unruly behavior in Moscow's Maryino area in the early morning hours of July 24.

Mass scuffles also occurred outside Bratislavskaya subway station and on the crossing of Lyublinskaya and Nizhniye Polya streets.

There was another clash last night, in a southern Moscow cafe. The rioters smashed glass in the building.

A similar mass brawl took place in Marshal Zakharov street in the city's southeast on Saturday.

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