Azercell supports 5728 low-income families

17:39 | 23.03.2020

As a part of Novruz holiday and preventive measures against coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, "Azercell Telecom”, the country's leading mobile operator, once again took care of  vulnerable people in the society. Thus, within the framework of its social responsibility strategy, the company, in cooperation with "Regional Development” Public Union (RDPU)("Regional İnkişaf” İctimai Birliyi), presented holiday gifts to 5728 low-income families in Baku with at least one family member receiving pension for the disability of 1st degree, according to the list provided by Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The gifts were delivered to the addresses by "Azerpost” LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This project, implemented by Azercell and the RDPU, aims to improve the social welfare of vulnerable people, as well as support the state's social isolation measures to prevent and combat the spread of coronavirus infection.

"Azercell Telecom” LLC and the RDPU plan to continually implement such benevolent initiatives in the future.

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