A Dark Story. Whom is deceiving Ramil Sahib Hasan: the Justice or the State Tax Service?

17:04 | 02.03.2020

Azerbaijani citizen Ramil Sahib Hassan submitted to Moldovan court a certificate from work, confirming the salary of 11 thousand dollars. The opposite side is sure: Hassan is deceiving either Moldovan justice or the State Tax Service of Azerbaijan.

Ramil Sahib Hassan is involved into the process of establishing the place of residence of a five-year-old girl, the child of his current wife.

Mr. Hassan submitted to the court a certificate, issued by the Director of the Etna Group company from Baku, Nihat Babayev, which states that he is an International Business Development Manager and CEO and receives a salary of $ 11 thousand.

The representatives of the opposite side state that the submitted document is doubtful, paying attention to several facts.

Firstly, the Etna Group is a small advertising agency, with the administrative capital of 10 manat. Secondly, only four employees of the company are registered on the LinkedIn professional network, among whom there is no Mr. Hassan. Thirdly, only one Etna Group vacancy was published on the Internet - the position of the Sales Manager with a salary of 300 manat ($ 177).

Based on the mentioned above, the plaintiff, who is the girl’s father, and his defense are confident that Ramil Sahib Hasan and his employer are either deceiving the Moldovan court by submitting a statement with a salary overstated tenfold, or they are tax evading, lowering the official salary.


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