Apple iPhone 7: Video shows radical new design that could be coming soon

09:00 | 23.01.2016
Apple's iPhone 7 probably won't arrive until September, but that's not stopping the rumours from flying around the web.

The latest insane concept comes from the team at, who have come up with their radical vision of how the next phone from Apple will look.

Featuring a beautiful borderless screen and new home button, that's integrated into the display, this would certainly get Apple fans bursting with excitement if it becomes a reality.

The video also shows how iOS 10 could allow users to make certain apps expand on the homescreen and there's a nifty trick that brings more functions to the home button.

Although this is clearly just a concept there are plenty rumours suggesting Apple's next phone could see some dramatic changes.

Perhaps the biggest update could be the removal of the iPhone's headphone port.

It’s thought Apple is considering getting rid of the port in a bid to make the iPhone 7 the thinnest ever.

Ditching this 3.5mm socket could also mean Apple is finally able to increase the screen size, with some reports even suggesting the display could be expanded right to the base of the phone.

However, not everyone is so keen on Apple's possible headphone plans with over 200,000 people signing a petition pleading with the US firm to keep the ageing port.

Other new rumoured features that are causing less outrage include upgraded cameras, faster processor and waterproof design.

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