Azerbaijan's First Vice President: 'Türkiye, we stand united with you!'

19:00 | 10.02.2023
Azerbaijan's First Vice President: 'Türkiye, we stand united with you!'

Azerbaijan's First Vice President: 'Türkiye, we stand united with you!'

First Vice President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva has made a post on Instagram.

The post reads:

"My fellow compatriots!

"One of the most intrinsic qualities of the Azerbaijani people is to always stand ready in helping each other and demonstrating unity and solidarity at all times, and to be united hand in hand in face of all difficulties and challenges. The support you extended to the Turkish people since the first hours of dramatic earthquake occurred in the brotherly Türkiye, is another bright evidence of how unshakeable, strong and eternal are brotherhood, friendly ties and mutual love between our peoples.

"I thank our rescue teams involved in the rescue operations in the earthquake zone, our medical workers that spare no efforts to restore health of all injured and diplomatic service staff seeking and evacuating Azerbaijani citizens that suffered from this tragedy, mass media representatives tirelessly reporting the events. "My thanks go to each of our fellow compatriots, local companies and organizations that joined the Aid Campaign started in our country, and particularly, volunteers that work day and night with all their forces in assembly points, police officers, and to all and everyone that try to be with the brotherly Turkish people at this time. Thank you very much for your humanism, charity and mercy. I feel proud of being Azerbaijani!

"We are very saddened to see the rising number of victims in the aftermath of earthquake. I pray Allah to rest the souls of all perished in peace, and express once again my deep condolences to their relatives and close ones. I wish the soonest recovery to all injured! I am confident that the Turkish people shall withstand this dramatic test of time by its will and courage! May Almighty God save our world! Türkiye, we stand united with you!"
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