Azercell is always leading with its exemplary service quality

14:41 | 23.01.2021

The mobile operator preserves high level of customer satisfaction all through the different service channels.
Aiming to meet the daily communication needs of its subscribers with the application of modern technologies and business solutions, the country's leading mobile operator Azercell Telekom is constantly expanding its range of services across all platforms available.

Despite the lockdown that lasted for the most of 2020, Azercell demonstrated high performance in various service channels by implementing a more intensive and efficient response system to customer inquiries. Thus, 95% of 3,950,821 inquires received by Azercell's Call Center in 2020 were responded in a prompt manner. It is worth noting that 449,337 inquiries were received through online customer services and 98% of them were answered. Also, 96% response rate was achieved out of 119,602 inquiries addressed to the Premium support line.

It should be noted that the average response period for requests by phone was about 2 minutes, which is a very high indicator in this sphere. The customer satisfaction rate for Azercell's Call Center in 2020 was estimated at 94%. During the year, Azercell received 134,350 inquiries from its official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin pages, which were replied by employees.

Inquiries received through different channels were mainly related to mobile internet services, information about balance, payment, connection to services, etc. In addition, during 2020, 949,292 customers were served in person at Front Desk, Azercell Express, Azercell Exclusive offices, as well as through Mobile Customer Services.

It should be noted that despite the intensified and heavy work schedule during the 44-day Patriotic War, the service quality was maintained at the highest level through all channels as a result of the efforts of Azercell employees. Thus, according to the latest statistics, the response rate to the inquiries received through online channels has increased to 100%.

Even in the long-term strict lockdown applied due to COVID-19 pandemic, Azercell Customer Service operated continuously online, and Mobile Customer Service provided free service to subscribers over 65.

The company has repeatedly been awarded international certificates for the level of service provided to customers on social networks and the response to inquiries. Azercell's "Kabinetim" application was one of the big steps taken towards increasing customer satisfaction and immediate resolution of complaints.

Azercell has also been awarded the ISO 18295: 2017 and ISO 10002: 2018 international certification for the compliance with the highest world standards of the Customer Service system established in the country. ISO 18295: 2017 is an International Certificate in Management of Customer Contact Centers, while ISO 10002: 2018 is a certificate of compliance with the Quality Management / Customer Satisfaction / Complaints Review Guidelines standard.

Azercell Telecom LLC will further continue its activity towards ensuring the compliance of customer service and customer satisfaction to the highest standards and flexible and convenient response to customer inquiries.
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