Competition for China's 'Hot mom' has launched - PHOTO

17:02 | 17.12.2013
As if motherhood wasn't stressful enough, a competition has been launched in China to find the 'hottest mum.' Dozens of photos of potential winners were sent into Weibo after the search started.But some of the mothers look so similar to their daughters it is difficult to tell them apart and instead they look like sisters.This is partly due to the heavy filters put on the photos which blurs out any features associated with aging, but also due to the age of some of the mothers.Some of the mothers are seen in 'natural shots'  posing with their daughters as they walk along the street or dine out in a cafe.But some of them are more contrived and look as they though have been taken in a professional studio.It is not clear what the prize is yet or whether the title of 'hottest mum' is enough for potential winners.(                                                                                                                                                             
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