Digital world’s innovations will be more accessible with Azercell

13:58 | 02.03.2019
"Mobile World Congress” (MWC), which exhibits cutting-edge technologies and brings together experts to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the industry took part in Barcelona, Spain, during february 25-28. The leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan, "Azercell Telecom” LLC, which has always contributed to the development of communication sector in the country, participated in the world's most spectacular mobile event, assembling over 2400 leading telecom companies. The event was a great experience for the representatives of the company in terms of preparing operator’s infrastructure for digital era, characterized with application of technological innovations, establishing professional communities towards broad technical and business opportunities, bringing upcoming trends to the country, feeling the rhythm and vision of world’s telco in general.
MWC offers a chance to discover new products and solutions shaping the future, discuss and study the challenges and observe the high impact of such technologies on every aspect of human life, including entertainment, transportation, public services, industry, environmental sustainability and of course, web and cloud connectivity.
More than 107000 representatives from 200 countries have participated in the exhibition, with various leading companies demonstrating programs featuring "5G", "Internet of Things", "Mobile Connectivity", "Intelligent Connectivity", "Artificial Intelligence" and "Mobile for Development”.
Azercell CEO Vahid Mursaliyev shared his impressions and opinions on the MWC exhibition in an interview with "Technote” head Farid Pardashunas. The interview is available via this link:
With the view to make human life easier through mobile technologies, Azercell will continue to make digital innovations accessible for its subscribers.