Guinness World Record for bearded woman Harnaam Kaur

17:01 | 09.09.2016
A model with six-inch long facial hair has become the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard, according to the Guinness World Records.

Body positivity campaigner Harnaam Kaur, 24, from Slough, Berkshire, said it was "humbling" to be included.

She described her beard as part of her quest to overcome years of bullying to cope with her appearance.

Other record breakers added to the list include the longest pet cat and a high-jumping llama.

Ms Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that can result in the growth of excess facial hair.

In March 2016 she became the first female with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week.

'Envy of all the other llamas'

The record for longest domestic cat currently alive goes to a 3ft 10.59in (1.183m) moggy from Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Ludo, a Maine Coon, was no bigger than other kittens in his litter when he was taken home by his owner Kelsey Gill in 2014.
Ms Gill now has to use a dog carrier for the supersized cat and a dog harness to accommodate his length.

Also making the list is Caspa, a nine-year-old high-jumping llama who can leap a bar 3ft 8.5in (1.13m) high.

The animal, which lives on a farm in Porthmadog, North Wales, has been described by his owner as a "total diva" and the envy of all the other llamas on the farm.

The record for the fastest speed achieved on a monowheel motorcycle has been set by a team at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

Kevin Scott, from Lincoln, achieved 98.464 km/h (61.18 mph) on a bike built by UK Monowheel Team.

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