Hero cancer chef stops thief trying to steal customer’s iPhone

16:45 | 14.11.2013
An iPhone thief targeted the wrong restaurant when its martial arts expert owner stopped him in his tracks.Justin Ballog grabbed a customer’s iPhone from the counter of Michelin-rated sushi restaurant Juno in Chicago, Illinois, before fleeing.He didn’t get very far, however, before former bouncer and chef Jason Chan chased him down and threw him to the floor.It was hardly the black belt’s biggest battle of the year after he survived a battle with stage four throat cancer, with friends raising money for his treatment.‘I have a protective nature I guess,’ he told the Huffington Post.‘I grabbed him and threw him into the door. I put him in a manoeuvre called an arm bar and told him I would break his arm if he tried to get away.’Police soon arrived at the scene and Ballog, 37, was arrested and charged with theft.‘He’s like the modern-day John Wayne, or Bruce Lee. . . . He takes it to heart: What’s right is right,’ victim Gary Wolske told the Sun Times.‘It does send a message: This tough guy, Jason, and his neighbours are not going to allow this.’The restaurant owner is now cancer free but is still recovering from chemotherapy. It is the first time he has used martial arts outside the gym in over a decade.(metro.co.uk)ANN.Az
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