Intellectuals start competing for Nar Cup

14:25 | 20.02.2021
The 17th season of the Brain Ring, the most interesting and watched intellectual TV competition in the country, begins with the general sponsorship of Nar. This time, 16 qualifying teams representing 6 regions and 6 universities of the country will compete in the Olympic system. Thus, the teams participating in the competition are divided into 3 divisions, including regional, university and sponsor teams. The winning teams in each division will compete in the final for Nar Cup established by Nar. It should be noted that the ‘Karabakh’ team supported by Nar will also join the competition for the first time. The members of the team will be intellectuals representing the liberated regions. The contest to start on February 19 will be broadcast on ‘Ictimai TV’ every Friday at 22:00.
It should be noted that due to the lockdown in the country, the competition will be held in accordance with the conditions of the pandemic. Thus, only two teams will compete in each broadcast without the participation of spectators. In addition, each team and team member participating in the competition is to pass the COVID-19 test before the shooting.
In order to promote the competition among the spectators, this year, Nar will hold a quiz on its Twitter page. Always attaching special attention to the intellectual growth of young people, Nar has been the main sponsor of the Brain Ring intellectual competition for 9 years. Please click here for more information on the project carried out by Nar. 

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