Nar continues to expand its network in Nakhchivan

16:19 | 16.02.2021

Aiming to provide all regions of the country with high-quality network, Nar continues to increase the number of base stations in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. As a result of network upgrades over the past two months, 13 new base stations have been commissioned in the Autonomous Republic.

The new 3G base stations provide high-quality network to the adjacent villages of Shahbuz, Sharur, Ordubad, Julfa and Kangarli districts. In general, the Nar network covers 99.6% of the population and 98.5% of the territory with 158 base stations in Nakhchivan.

Making access to high-speed Internet more affordable in the regions, Nar will continue to improve its network. More information on the coverage of the Nar network is available here.
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