One slip from death - PHOTO

14:45 | 20.01.2014
For most holidaymakers, there's enough fear of heights to be had from the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building.Clearly these are not living on the edge enough for James Kingston - who dangled a 'free climber' off the side of a 377ft-high bridge in the Ukraine holding only his wrist.The thrillseeker known only as Mustang Wanted is the leader of an urban free climbing craze in Eastern Europe, which sees young people tackling ever-larger monuments with no harnesses.James, 23, lives with his mother near Southampton and spends his spare time scaling cranes and radio towers.A new documentary shows him teaming up with the thrillseeker, donning camera helmets and crawling fast up the side of the bridge, which carries several lanes of traffic over the Dnieper River in the Ukranian capital Kiev.They reach the apex of the bridge and Mustang Wanted rubs his hands together, preparing them for the big stunt.He and James then secure their grip - before Mustang dangles perilously over the side of the bridge, one slip from certain death.The film follows James near his Southampton home, climbing 500ft structures, and on an out-of-the-ordinary pilgrimage to the Ukraine - said to be the spiritual home of urban free climbing.There he teams up with Mustang Wanted and on camera they climb derelict buildings and tightrope-walk hundreds of feet above the city, before their final stunt at its iconic bridge.A Channel 4 spokesman said the documentary, to be shown tonight, explores 'one of the world's most dangerous and most terrifying new crazes'.The young daredevils climb cranes and derelict buildings illegally for the ultimate adrenaline fix - and one which could well cost them their lives.The spokesman added: 'James's actions are clearly set in context in the programme.  It will be proceeded by an appropriate warning and Channel 4 in no-way condones or encourages his behaviour.'(
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