President: Second Karabakh war clearly demonstrated Azerbaijan’s military strength

14:30 | 24.09.2021
Azerbaijan has been working on strengthening its potential for a long time. The complex of measures taken made it possible to create a powerful military component, the Second Karabakh war clearly demonstrated this, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in an exclusive interview with National Defense magazine.

"We have been working for a long time to strengthen our potential, primarily seeking Azerbaijan’s economic independence. Without this, we would have been dependent on some financial injections or loans and, naturally, we couldn’t have afforded to modernize the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Therefore, virtually from the first day of my tenure as President, work began to ensure economic independence. We achieved it, I think, in 6-7 years,” the head of state said, adding that the modernization of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in terms of purchasing modern armament and military equipment also proceeded at a rapid pace.

"And, of course, a great deal of daily work was carried out to increase the combat capability of our army... The complex of these measures, in essence, led to the fact that we created a very powerful military component, and the Second Karabakh war clearly demonstrated this.

We showed our capabilities, very limitedly, during the hostilities in April 2016, when part of the occupied territories was liberated and we gave the Armenian side the opportunity to weigh everything once again and make an important decision on de-occupation. Unfortunately, then our actions - when we stopped - were misinterpreted by the Armenian side, and they paid for that,” the president said.
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