Prominent Russian actor Sergei Yursky died

16:30 | 08.02.2019
Prominent Soviet and Russian actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR Sergei Yursky died at the age of 84, TASS informs with reference to the Mossovet State Academic Theatre.

'Sergei Yuryevich Yursky has died, we don't yet know the details,' said the representative of the theatre.

Yursky played in the theatre and cinema. He starred in the films 'Man from Nowhere', 'Love and Doves', 'Golden Calf', 'Republic of ShKID', 'The Meeting Place cannot be changed' and many others.

It should be noted that Sergei Yurtsky had a close connection to Azerbaijan as well. He has been filmed and loved in Azerbaijan. He played the role of Monsieur Jordan in Azerbaijani film 'Dervish Bombs Paris'. In addition, the actor played the role of a hunter in the film 'The Lion Left his Home', the role of director in the film 'Dacha Hut for One Family' and the role of a police officer in the film 'Fear not, I'm with you!' All these roles in Azerbaijani films have endeared Sergei Yursky to the Azerbaijani public.