Residents of Bayil in Fear

13:11 | 11.02.2018
At least four houses located on the Bayil slope have come to an unfit state, as a result of today's landslide. The employee of Radio Azadliq was informed about it by the residents. According to them, the landslide occurred on February 10 between 12:00 and 13:00. As a result, more than four houses in the Bayil settlement along Ali Nazmi Street came to an unfit state.

"Since January 24, houses in the village of Janubdere have been stopped light, water and gas supply. At the same time, work on locating the residents and providing them with the necessary facilities was not carried out," the residents said to Radio Azadlig"s employee.

"They do not resettle us, and they do not give out compensation. We have repeatedly appealed to the Presidential Administration and other structures, but no one is taking measures."

According to the residents, the executive authorities invite them to gather in School No. 163. Some of those living in rented apartments are accommodated in the school. However, those who have their own housing, as well as families of internally displaced persons do not agree to this. They say there are no conditions for normal living in the school.

"Let them make a decision and give them compensation or a fee for housing rental, then the people will move," residents say.

After today's landslide, fear appeared among the inhabitants. Fearing another landslide, they began to leave the territory. According to the residents, after the landslide officials visited the territory and promised to take the necessary steps, but so far no real work has been done.

Arriving in the landslide zone on February 10, the head of the Executive Power of the Sabayil District, Eldar Azizov, promised indignant residents that from February 13 they will be paid money for renting housing until the issue of their resettlement is resolved.