The jaw-dropping images taken by a 16-year-old

21:01 | 19.09.2016
He's only 16 - yet his photographs look like they were taken by a seasoned professional.

Jannik Obenhoff has snapped mountainous scenery featuring snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear lakes and misty hills - and his images have an ethereal beauty that will make you catch your breath.

Many were taken by Obenhoff in Germany and Austria, but there are also snippets from the mountains of Italy.

Obenhoff told MailOnline Travel: 'I picked nature photography as my main theme because I really like the German landscape and the Alps, which are near where I live.'

He added: 'My favorite place to photograph are the Alps.'

It's the Stubai Alps region that have caught his eye in particular.

While his focus has so far been Germany and Austria, he hopes to visit Iceland, Canada, Greenland and China in the future. 

The Munich-based photographer started taking photographs, using just an iPad, when he was 13. 

He would then post these images on Instagram, where he quickly gained a big following. 

Today, he takes photographs with a DSLR camera and has already amassed more than 329,000 followers on Instagram.

Although he's still at school, the aspiring landscape photographer is already earning money through sponsorships on his page.  


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