The wife of the Deputy Ramil Hasan is wanted by police

10:00 | 24.11.2020

Ecaterina Hasan, the wife of the deputy of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan Ramil Hasan, is being sought by police. Moldovan law enforcement officials accuse her of illegal taking the child out of the country against the will of her father.

The court decision forbids Malika, Hasan Ecaterina's daughter, to be taken out of the country without the consent of both parents. The girl was secretly taken to Azerbaijan, which is essentially considered as kidnapping. It happened in February 2020. Earlier the MP Ramil Hasan repeatedly was taking the girl out of the country through the separatist Transnistrian region, uncontrolled by Chisinau authorities, using his diplomatic immunity.

In connection with the abduction of Malika the police opened a criminal case under the article 207 of the Criminal Code "Illegal removal of children from the country”. In Moldova for this crime there is set the punishment sentence by imprisonment from 2 to 6 years.

Malika must live with her father - this is the verdict of Moldovan justice, which prompted the spouses to illegally take the child out of Moldova. This case has already passed all the court stages. The final point was set by the Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova, whose decision was to appoint the father as the guardian of Malika.

Ecaterina has constantly violated the schedule of meetings of the girl with her father, established by the guardianship authorities, which became the reason for another court trial. The decision was taken recently, Ecaterina Hasan has lost the court again. All attempts by the father to communicate with his daughter by the phone or to see her are categorically refused. Ecaterina Hasan and her deputy husband have completely isolated Malika.
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