Two dead as ‘ISIS’ bomb blast hits police station terror target

21:02 | 02.05.2016
The bomb-laden vehicle was exploded outside the police headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey, yesterday morning.

Although nobody has yet claimed responsibility, the cops have raided the home of a suspect aligned to Islamic State.

Gaziantep, in Southeastern Anatolia Region, borders ISIS-held territory in Syria and is the latest in a series of terror targets.

Only hours before, three Turkish soldiers were killed and 14 others wounded in an attack by Kurdish militants on Nusaybin.

While last week a female suicide bomber blew herself up next to a busy mosque in Bursa, wounding eight people.

Ali Yerlikaya, governor of Gaziantep, said 19 cops and four civilians were wounded in the latest attack.

One police officer had been killed at the scene, a security source confirmed, and another died in hospital.

They added that the suspect had links with Islamic State and said they had arrested his father in a raid on his home.

"The father of a suspect who is believed to have carried out the attack has been detained,” he said. "We have records of the suspect's links with ISIS”.

Police have cordoned off the area and boosted security measures across the city, and were seen removing the pieces of a wrecked vehicle and the body parts of the bomber.

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