Vigilante mob burn man alive in street in world's most dangerous city

17:30 | 07.04.2016
The man, named as Josue Fuentes Roberto Bernal, 42, is seen lying on his back covered in blood.

The footage shows a man, who is clutching a helmet, wag his finger in the victim's face and a second taps him on the shoulder as if trying to help.

A deep bloodied cut is visible gashed on the back of Mr Bernal's head.

Out of nowhere a man in a red shirt leans into shot, pours liquid over him and then sparks a lighter.

In remaining footage that Daily Star Online has chosen not show, the man is engulfed in a roaring fireball as crowds quickly sprint away from the scene.

One spectator half-heartedly tries to smother the flames with cardboard but then walks away shrugging.

A local journalist said Mr Bernal was taken to hospital suffering 70% burns across his body after the vile incident in Caracas, in Venezuela, South America, on Monday (April 4).

There is also confusion among locals as to whether Mr Bernal is accused of trying to rob a man who was exiting a bank or whether he assaulted his ex-wife.

One disgusted reader wrote on Venezuelan news website "We become what we hate."

Caracas is regarded as the world's most dangerous city for its horrendous homicide rate.

Gangster have been known to kill for watermelons and prisoners play five-aside footie with sawn-off heads in its notorious jail.

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