Watch what happens when a brand new iPhone gets put in a blender

18:34 | 12.04.2016
The iPhone SE – short for Special Edition – is Apple’s newest gadget on offer and was unveiled less than a month ago.

The top-quality smartphone stands up to the blender’s pressure for a few seconds before the screen gives way and starts to splinter.

In a moment that will make every iPhone user cringe, the screen is then completely destroyed by the whirring blades.

Less than a minute later, the whole £450-phone is reduced to just shards of metal and glass.

The US blender company, Blendtec, have tried blending everything from marker pens to cigarette lighters on their YouTube channel – Will It Blend?

They have a soft spot for Apple products in particular, including iPads, iWatches, and iPods.

Blendtec said: "We would like to thank Apple for creating so many great products for us to blend."The company also have a Facebook group, where users can tell the team what they’d like to see blended next.

Blendtec founder Tom Dixon is now famous for his demonstrations, but some Facebook users aren’t so keen.

Drax20 asked: "Hey Tom, blend your hand!" while Richard Perry added: "I bet his hairpiece would not blend."

Perhaps the Duchess of York, who flogged blenders last year on shopping channel QVC, will be giving this a go.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather soup up your iPhone than grind it down, this insanely easy trick increases your storage for free. 

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