Association of Friends of Azerbaijan condemn pro-Armenian

11:30 | 15.09.2022
Association of Friends of Azerbaijan condemn pro-Armenian

Association of Friends of Azerbaijan condemn pro-Armenian

The members of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan in France condemned the Armenian provocations and expressed their regret at the biased position of most media of the country that try to justify it, the association said in a statement addressed to the local press and the public.

The statement adds that Armenian propaganda with a lobby cannot hide the actual situation.

"The provisions of the tripartite declaration signed between the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and the Russian Federation and the agreements concluded between Azerbaijan and Armenia are seriously violated. There are losses on both sides. In this situation, due to the lack of reliable observers in that area, the French press and authorities try to shift the blame for the military provocation on Azerbaijan by repeating the slanders of the Armenians word for word. It is unacceptable and must be regulated," the statement said.

The statement emphasizes that the stabilization of relations between the two peoples and the establishment of peace are not possible due to the strong resistance of nationalists existing both in Armenia's own territory and in the diaspora. Numerous provocations accompany the stagnation resulting from this situation. The Armenian provocation, which resulted in the killing of 50 Azerbaijani servicemen and the wounding of two civilians, was accompanied by a response from the Azerbaijani side, which in turn caused losses on the other side. However, Azerbaijan is a stable state that is trying to ensure the economic and social development of the population by liberating the territories occupied by Armenia for 30 years and striving for lasting peace.

"The international community must ensure compliance with the agreements reached and the progress of peace negotiations. Provocations by Armenian authorities, continuous laying of mines in the border regions, refusal to withdraw their armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan, and disregarding the tripartite declaration and agreements, are unacceptable. The association wishes peace, economic and social development for all the peoples of the region", the statement stressed.
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