EU Ambassador meets head of Lankaran Executive Power

16:30 | 30.11.2021
Head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan Peter Michalko met with the head of the Lankaran City Executive Power Taleh Garashov.

During the meeting, Ambassador Peter Michalko noted that solid cooperation has been established between the EU and Azerbaijan, including in various regions of the country.

The diplomat recalled that the EU had organized "Europe Day" in many Azerbaijani cities, including Lankaran.

"From the first days of my stay in Azerbaijan, I was amazed by the sincerity and kindness of the people, and Lankaran is no exception," Peter Michalko added.

The EU Ambassador spoke about the EU4Lankaran project, which will be implemented in the region until the end of 2024. According to him, the project opens up prospects for its development, including in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, and will also allow local residents to increase their income.

Peter Michalko also noted that he also planned to visit Lankaran State University during the current trip, where he will meet with the students.
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