10 incredible custom cars

16:00 | 01.07.2016
The world's most daring one-of-a-kind cars aren't always made in the rarefied autos plants of Europe.

In some instances, they're expertly constructed in driveways, mechanic shops and film lots around the world, where dedicated engineers are creating new models -- and improving on existing models -- with enhanced motors, creative paint jobs, and other additions that conventional brands could only dream of.

Now, these autos artisans are being recognized in "The Drive: Custom Cars and their Builders" (Gestalten), a new coffee table book highlighting creatives from California to Japan.

"Many people think you can just buy a car and own it. But some know the truth -- the best car is the one you make yourself," writes Maximilian Funk and Robert Klanten, who edited the book.

"Customizing cars is an obvious extension of the way that we choose cars to put forth some part of our personality or ourselves. They are what we want to be."

Check out the gallery above for a look at the most spectacular custom models on the road today.


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