Enormous 100KILO python captured while laying eggs

20:00 | 06.05.2016
Footage has emerged of a 100kg (200lb) python being captured while laying eggs in Malaysia.

It shows local authority officials grappling with the giant snake as it lays 90 eggs.

A total of three workers are needed to lift the Jurassic Park-like creature into its cage.

The video was filmed near a village in Perak on Sunday.

Onlookers gasp as the snake tries to wriggle free from a pole.

At one point the reptile actually grapples the pole away from one of the officials, coiling around it as if one of its prey.

The python was discovered by a villager while cleaning outside.

A spokesman from the Malaysian Civil Defence Department said: "The python was not too aggressive and according to villagers, seven or eight of the eggs had been eaten by monitor lizards based on residual evidence.”

Both the eggs and the python were eventually relocated to a nearby zoo.


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